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Steelway Case Studies

Thames Water Eel Screens

Thames Water has recently completed its first eel screens installation at Walton-on-Thames, as part of an extensive project to help stocks of the endangered species recover.

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Reading Viaduct Elevated Railway

Steelway were chosen to manufacture and install access metalwork to the £1.4m Reading Viaduct. Balfour Beatty were the main contractor on the project and chose Steelway as they had previously successfully completed a £2.5m access metalwork project at Heathrow T5 & Piccadilly Extension line.

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Steelway in The Black Country

Invest Black Country has written a great article on how we at Steelway have been benefitting from all that the Black Country has to offer. Below you can read a summary of the article and find a link the full case study.

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Oleo Elevator Buffer Test Tower

Oleo International is developing a new high speed buffer range from its manufacturing facility in Coventry, in the UK. The buffers will be positioned at the bottom of elevator shafts to provide a vital safety mechanism for elevators in some of the tallest skyscrapers all over the world.

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Featherstone Prison

Designed, manufactured and installed access metalwork including – staircases, atrium balustrades, roof light grilles, gable end grilles, staff stair handrail, fire escape handrail and wall rail

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Bartholomew Lane - Fire escape staircase

Supply & installation of a 10-storey fire escape staircase in Bartholomew Lane...

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Afan WwTW

Our brief was to provide safe access from ground level to the top of the two 20 metre high x 18 metre diameter tanks...

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Thames Water - Honor Oak New Pumping Station Shaft

The existing Honor Oak reservoir was built in the early 1900’s. The reservoir was supplied with water from various sources. The purpose of this project was to enable water to be directly drawn from the Thames Water ring main at Brixton, which was 4.7 kilometres away...

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