At Steelway, we believe in nurturing talent and providing a platform for your professional growth.

Our in-house talent development programme STEP, Steelway Technical Excellence Programme is designed to sculpt individuals into versatile and skilled professionals, ready to make a substantial impact within the world of work.

What is STEP?

Our comprehensive programme operates across four distinct levels, each tailored to provide a unique experience and skill set. Through a combination of rotational placements, apprenticeships, and internal training, participants will gain hands-on experience across various functions of our business.

Participants can enter the programme at any level and progress based on their achievements and potential.

Begin your journey on the shop floor, engaging in diverse rotations while being supported by a Level 2 apprenticeship.

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Broaden your horizons with a Level 3 apprenticeship. Explore roles across different office functions, with an immersive six-month shop floor experience.

Engineering Icon

This level focuses on more specific skill sets and development, supported by a Level 4 apprenticeship.

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Aimed at refining leadership skills and specific managerial functions. This is supported by a Level 5/6 apprenticeship.

Core Principles

The fundamental cornerstone of our program revolves around flexibility and growth. The programme is designed to ensure that by the end of their journey, individuals will have gained a breadth of experience, enabling them to seamlessly fit into a role where their skill set best aligns with our business needs and what they enjoy.

Step into your career with Steelway and become an integral part of our team.

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