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Elizabeth Way meets Steelway

When Steelway’s surveyor attended a site meeting, early in 2011, following an invitation to view Elizabeth Way, Basildon, he arrived early and didn’t know quite what he was about to take on. He thought he was there to meet with the prospect and measure up for the construction of one of Steelway’s BSI Kitemark registered Multisport Ballcourts . As he could not see where the ball-court would go he climbed to the top of a “small mountain” in the middle of the housing estate to get a …
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Steelway features at Penn history faire

Leading specialist fabrication company Steelway features at the Penn History Fair. Join us at the annual Penn history fair, which takes place on Friday 10th June, and Saturday 11th June, 2011 at Penn United Reformed Church, Penn Road, Wolverhampton. Opening times are: Friday 10th June - 10.00a.m. to 8.00p.m. Saturday 11th June - 9.00a.m. to 4.00p.m. The wide-ranging displays include old photographs, locally made items, archaeology, family history, local hospitals, letterpress …
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Steelway is making history at Bath Spa Station

History is literally being made by Wolverhampton based Steelway Rail. Back in the 1960’s when almost every Victorian structure was at risk of official vandalism, no old or historic building was safe. With the demolition of magnificent country houses and a myriad of city centre land marks, railway stations were equally at risk. In many cases buildings which would now be considered as being fit for Grade I or II listing were lost and even London St Pancreas was almost wiped of the face of the …
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How long will my MUGA last?

When a Parish or Town Council or residents group buy a Multi Use Games Area ( MUGA) that single isolated event will have been preceded by months or years of commitment, frustrations and re-affirmations. The financial and personal cost for most involved will often mean that it is something they would do once in their lifetime; so yes they do want to know how long their MUGA will last” says Clive Ager of Steelway Fensecure. “The answer to that question is not easy, though many on the sales …
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Steelway Spearheading New Heritage Fencing for National Stations

Steelway Rail continue to innovate to overcome the myriad of issues which affect our modern day railway system. Whilst the need to provide an up to date revenue protection scheme such as automative gated access systems is essential, the need to incorporate these into a traditional environment can be a challenge. Many Railway stations are either listed or sit within a conservation zone and so the sensitive treatment of a prominent fence line is crucial. Steelway Rail have now completed or …
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