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Begbrook Park

Local Residents were blown away when they saw the transformation of the ball court at Begbrook Park.

Louise, a resident of Begbrook for more than 20 years said, "It is hard to imagine that the vision you have and the impact you expect the "project" to make, will actually happen. We were all pleasantly surprised".

One of the target groups for using the Muga were the local teenage lads, who were basically confined to the area or use public transport to get into Bristol City. They had few facilities other than the playing field. An elderly lady, part of a group who are naturally wary of "youths", whilst walking in the park, claimed she and her friends have been amazed and think it will be a great facility for the young people. Young men playing ball on the area said that it was the best MUGA they had ever seen.

For the project team at Steelway it really feels great to have been part of a project like this. The impact on the youths, the elderly and community on a whole has been positive. They have been so glad to see the back of the tired old and dangerous fence and have this modern clean and safe multi use games area. The MUGA has been tested by British Standard institute to BSEN 15312 for safety and durability. When you compare the before and after photos, the after image really is a breath of fresh air.
  • Begbrook Park
  • Begbrook Park
  • Begbrook Park

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