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Guide to Industrial flooring

The industrial sector comprises of buildings with a wide range of uses, from factories, warehouses to chemical/ nuclear plants and light industrial buildings. The benefits of industrial flooring are vast, namely corrosion resistance, slip resistance, low maintenance, durability & longevity .

All open mesh floor types comply with clause of BS EN ISO 14122-2:2016 and 5.1 of BS 4592-0:2006+A1:2012, where the maximum opening shall not permit the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere. Should the working platform be above a place where people are continuously working, as opposed to passing occasionally then the maximum opening should not permit the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere and an alternative floor type /means of protection to prevent falling objects should be provided

It is therefore imperative that you choose flooring, which meets the needs of the industrial application at hand. In this guide we discuss various industrial flooring options available and where they are best used.

Types of industrial flooring

Open Mesh Flooring

Open type or mesh flooring is used extensively in the design and manufacture of raised platforms, mezzanine flooring and steel walkways on many industrial applications.

There are various design patterns available for open mesh flooring which help with the loading requirements. Rectangular pattern is the most standard pattern. This open mesh flooring comprises of flat load bearing bars with a transverse bar at 90 degrees to load bearing bars. Various depths & patterns are available to satisfy loading requirements & minimum gap distances.

Diamond pattern open mesh flooring is another option, manufactured with straight bars (load bearing bars), with a pressed bar, which acts as a spacer and transmit localised loads to adjacent load-bearing bars. Various depths of load bearing bars are available to suit light duty pedestrian loadings up to heavy duty vehicle loading.

All open mesh flooring is also available with a serrated top surface for instances where additional slip resistance is required. This type of flooring is used in extreme industrial conditions where slip resistance is vital such as oil rigs or other areas where lubricants are regularly used.

FLP Solid Type Flooring

There are some instances where open type flooring simply is not practical such as over machinery or other sensitive equipment. This is where Solid type flooring is a better solution.

FLP covers are used alongside open mesh flooring of a matching depth, to provide a virtually sealed floor area, whilst retaining the advantage of open type flooring in other areas. Together open mesh and FLP offer a much-improved load carrying capability compared to either an open mesh floor or tread plates supplied individually.

Durbar Pattern Tread Plate/ Flooring

Tread plate/durbar pattern solid flooring has become synonymous with industrial buildings. The added texture offers some slip resistance, making tread plate an alternative option for stairs, walkways, and platforms. Tread plate/durbar pattern solid flooring is frequently used where an opens mesh type flooring option many not be suitable. Solid floor plate may be used for surface protection against damage from foot traffic or harmful chemicals.

GRP Flooring

In situations where metal flooring may not be suitable, for example due to electrical conductivity or specific chemical resistance GRP flooring is the best option. GRP or glass reinforced plastic flooring does not corrode like steel gratings and is therefore used in corrosive environments to reduce maintenance costs. It is used in a variety of applications including walkways and overhead platforms.

GRP grating is a structural product that can be weight-bearing between spans. It is slip resistant, fire retardant, chemical resistant and highly durable making it the perfect partner for industry. They can also provide real cost savings when compared to Stainless Steel.

Stair Tread options.

Stair tread are available in diamond & rectangular patterned open mesh or solid type tread/durbar plate to complement the flooring range.

Steelway open mesh type treads embody all the advantages of open steel flooring i.e. lightweight, strong, durable, self-draining, slip resistant & contrasting nosing.

Also available are pan type stair treads which are also suitable for industrial use.

Industrial Flooring Clips

Steelway offer a full installation service on all our flooring products. The additional consideration with all of these flooring types is the method used to secure them together. An economic easy to use option for retaining open mesh and GRP flooring onto structural steelwork is our flooring clips. Steelway have designed a self-threading flooring clip, these are specified by some water utilities and access metal metalwork asset standards.

Contact us for a product data sheet or information about our installation service.

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