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Benefits of a Prefabricated Structure

Published on December 14th, 2021

Over the last 10 years, projects involving prefabricated structures have become more commonplace in the construction industry. Whilst in previous years it was considered to be a low cost method to mass produce high volumes of products, these days prefabricated products in the construction industry offer an entirely different range of benefits to a project.

When design and site conditions permit we strive to provide a pre build service in our dedicated assembly bays. This service offers installers & contractors a range of benefits that can assist in delivering a project more effectively.

Pre Planned Construction Time

One of the biggest variables project managers have to take into consideration with any project is the unpredictability of the weather. Pre-built structures allow for more upfront planning for projects, so we can deliver a pre-built structure taking into consideration the conditions onsite. For example, if conditions are windy this can mean that cranes can not lift at certain heights. Therefore we can plan to deliver the structure at a more optimal time when the weather conditions are suitable without causing delays to the project by having to incorporate additional build time.

Improved Daily Productivity

Another aspect to take into consideration, is in the winter months the restricted daylight hours can lead to a 40% reduction in working time on site compared to an enclosed well site industrial unit. Furthermore, installers will have less days where hours are lost in travel time, and reduction in the number of opportunities for travel issues to slow up installation.

Prefabricated Specifications

With any project there is always a risk of specification queries cropping up before, during and after the build process. The benefit of prefabricated structures being built in the factory environment means that queries on drawings can be identified more easily and resolved more quickly, as opposed to issues being flagged up on a construction site. Installers may not have access to the equipment needed to make any alterations, resulting in products being returned to the factory, delays with the project and further costs incurred.

Reduced Site Disruption for Clients

Pre-building structures offsite, significantly reduces the amount of vehicle traffic in and around the main site as well as minimising the amount of additional equipment and materials on the site. Condensing the amount of time needed onsite, reduces the disruption on a construction site in terms of noises, pollution and waste and allows for the project to be delivered efficiently.

Cost & Time Savings

There are financial savings for both the customer and ourselves from producing prebuilt products. We calculated that the time needed to be onsite is reduced by 75% when installing a prefabricated structure compared with time onsite building structures from scratch costing upwards of 3x times more than factory time.

As the majority of work is completed ahead of time, travel time is significantly reduced which eliminates the need for overnight stays resulting in periods of working away from home. As a company we promote a healthy work life balance for all of our team members and building prefabricated structures ensures that our staff can maintain a good work life balance without compromising the quality product.

More environmentally friendly

We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment and our Pre Build initiative is no exception. Reduction in site days and associated travel and over night accommodation all contribute to a reduction in our carbon footprint.

Furthermore we are in total control of the recycling of any scrap or waste ensuring that all materials are disposed of in the most eco friendly manner.

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