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Flexible access with hinged roof hatches

Published on November 24th, 2020
This recent installation of a Steelway LPS 1173 SR3 Roof hatch hinged cover offers frequent access to the chamber below. Fantastic for quick access when needed on a regular basis. The 3m x 3m chamber can also be fully accessible when the outer covers are lifted off offering maximum flexible for access dependant on the requirements.This project used the Sentry 47 access cover, it’s design allows for frequent opening and is suitable for applications over potable water where security of seal and drawdown ventilation is required. All of the …
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Chamber roof access covers

The versatility of Steel Railings

Published on November 17th, 2020
Fensecure steel railings cover a wide range of styles to suit various budgets and applications. The beauty of steel railings is that they create a physical boundary without imposing on their surrounds or obscuring the view. These features make them extremely versatile.As a stand-alone feature steel railings can be used to keep people and animals out of particular areas. This is particularly effective in public spaces such as parks or gardens. Dangerous water hazards can also benefit from steel railings creating a boundary for children whilst …
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steel railings

Using SR4 rated Kiosks for storage of equipment and vehicles

Published on September 28th, 2020
Steel Security Kiosks and enclosures provide optimum security combined with easy and fast installation. This is why increasingly we are seeing them being used to store high value equipment and vehicles.In 2019 theft of agricultural vehicles cost the UK £7.4m* and Quad/ATV theft cost the UK a further £2.6m. With the theft of farm machinery growing year-by-year Steelway’s SR4 rated kiosks are an ideal solution. We have recently manufactured a modular bespoke LPS 1175:SR4 Plywood Lined kiosk for the storage of a £17,000 KUBOTA Mini Tractor. …
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security kiosks

Security Products for vacant or underused properties

Published on August 24th, 2020
It is esti­mat­ed that mil­lions of pounds worth of dam­age is done to emp­ty prop­er­ties through van­dal­ism and arson in the UK. When a prop­er­ty is vacant, it can become an easy tar­get for unau­tho­rised vis­i­tors such as van­dals and tres­passers, often result­ing in cost­ly repairs and much frus­tra­tion. Due to the events of this year many business premise are either vacant or have a significantly reduced turnover of staff coming and going. It is increasingly important therefore that property is secured …
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window grilles

​Defender Access Covers for pedestrian application

Published on July 29th, 2020
Two Defender multiple hinged cover and frames are to be installed this week by our installation team. The access covers feature a green anti-slip coating, which is specifically designed for pedestrian duty applications or very light vehicles. In this instance, the covers are to be sited in a grassland area and therefore the green coating will also mean they are less obtrusive.Beneath the covers feature hinged safety grids. The clear openings of these units are 4150mm x 2300mm and 3820mm x 2010mm. For this application, our surveyors …
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Defender access cover