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Steel Handrails

Steelway offer a variety of steel handrail options in a variety of materials. Material options include stainless steel and mild steel. Our handrails can be manufactured for both internal and external applications, such as fire escapes, feature staircases, stairwells, office stairs, balconies, footbridges and walkways.

Handrails are supplied to perfectly complement our staircases, platforms and other similar structures. However, they can be designed as completely independent items to fit customers own equipment or civil engineering work.

To make sure the steel handrails meet your exact needs, a range of finishes are available. These include painted, galvanised, powder coated, anodised and decorative polish. These finishes can be applied to a variety of materials including mild and stainless steel. All steel handrails are designed to meet the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations.

Production of our stainless steel handrailing is done to the best quality. Whether you need the tube handrail to fixed to the wall with a secure bracket, or if you need it to be on top of the railing, we have the suitable solution. 

Handrail Materials:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless steel

Available Finishes:

  • Painted,
  • Galvanised,
  • Powder coated,
  • Decorative polish. 

To discuss your exact requirements for your steel handrails, please give us a call.

For further technical details on our Steel handrails, see our Core Products Brochure.

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If you are interested please contact us here or call 01902 451733.

  • Steel Handrails

    Steel Handrails

  • mild steel handrail

    mild steel handrail

  • Steel Handrails

    Steel Handrails

  • Steel Handrails

    Steel Handrails

  • steel handrails

    steel handrails