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Steelway Environmental Credentials

At Steelway we are dedicated to ensuring that all our products are designed and manufactured to be sustainable and long lasting. We aim for these decisions to help contribute to a more environmentally friendly future in the metal fabrication industry. We hope to eliminate as much waste and pollution as possible to help make our products more environmentally friendly.

We are striving for an industry that delivers high quality, sustainable steel fabrications through the use of environmentally friendly materials and methods. Through this we can help shape the sustainability of all our projects.


How is the Steelway Group Sustainable?

●At Steelway we buy all of our metal materials cut to size, this has helped to reduce our scrap value to less than 1%.

●All our pallets and packaging are both reusable and recyclable

●We also use hot dip galvanising on a wide range of our products helping to increase the longevity of our products.


Steelway uses sustainable purchasing in its processes:

  • Shrink wrap is not used on large, galvanised structures,
  • Only purchase ISPM15 certificated timber pallets and return used pallets back to the supplier for recycling.

Steelway is committed to reducing the impact of transportation on the environment and the health of our community. We recognised that the delivery of our service could influence the environment and we have set out objectives to minimise this impact by evaluating operations and ensuring optimal performance, efficient journey planning and eliminating unnecessary engine idling.

Component purchases are made with local approved suppliers within a 30-mile radius of Steelway.

  • Steelway Environmental Credentials