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The Benefits of Offsite Construction

Published on November 25th, 2019

There is a growing demand for off-site modular construction across all sectors. Relating, both to the modular construction of entire buildings, and to off-site manufacturing of large components. The reason for its popularity is the many benefits that come from planning and designing elements that are fully fitted before leaving the factory.

There has been a lot of research regarding the benefits of off-site construction. Documented benefits of off-site construction versus traditional on-site construction include:

  • an improvement in site safety –reduced health and safety risks on site
  • shorter construction schedules - significantly reduces on-site installation time
  • cost and time certainty factory-built projects are not subject to weather-related delays or site-based skills shortages, so buildings can be completed on time and budget
  • reduced material waste - off-site construction generates up to 90% less waste than traditional on-site building methods2
  • reduced site disturbance - factory-based construction minimises time on site, meaning less noise and disruption, as well as a cleaner, safer, less congested site
  • assured quality – zero tolerance of defects means all products meet strict quality standards before leaving the factory

Increased productivity and quality

For large-scale commercial projects, being able to bring in large pre-fabricated components such as staircases, access platforms and walkways can save valuable time and money. Productivity is massively increased with offsite options because it means elements can be completed up to 50% faster than using traditional site-based methods of construction.

Along with speed, offsite construction also means that elements leave the factory in pristine condition, ensuring quality standards are maintained.

How Steelway are accommodating off-site

We provide Off-site construction which has increasingly been promoted as a site solution this is because of the significant time-efficiencies that can be achieved through using off-site techniques, as well as better safety , reduced waste, higher quality , reduced down time.

In our recent news piece we revealed how we have recently invested in a new off-site assembly build premises to accommodate the growing need for this service. This facility is served by 6 overhead cranes with a 5 tonne lifting capacity. Bay 1 is now operational; bays 2 and 3 will be operational early in 2020 as demand for the service increases.

Based north of Wolverhampton, the site has excellent access to the motorway network which helps with transporting the pre-built structures nationwide.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help on your next project please get in touch by calling our team on 01902 451733 or using our contact form.

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