Heritage Lampposts and Lanterns

Steelway Rail offers a wide range of heritage lampposts and heritage lanterns. We have a number of patterns that perfectly reflect heritage lampposts. However, our range is constantly growing as clients diverse needs evolve to fruition.

Similarly, our schemes often include the lighting itself. As such we have produced patterns and tooling in order to accurately replicate a variety of heritage lanterns. With everything, authenticity is a key principle of the manufacturing process.

Accurate heritage lights can be difficult to find. Yet, with our solutions, we can provide the period lighting for you. For different periods of time, we have everything from Tudor style to Victorian lampposts for sale.

Heritage lampposts give an elegant look to any area. Whether you require several lampposts for a public area such as a railway station or you are looking to create a unique garden area, we have the solution.

From simple, yet striking designs, to complex, ornate creations, you will be surprised by the solutions that we offer.

Lampposts Benefits

  • Lanterns are available to be powered by electric or oil
  • Produced using quality material and traditional techniques in order to accurately reproduce authentic solutions
  • A number of ornate lampposts available ranging from the highly ornate stubby lamppost which is made up of 17 individual castings to the 16’ yard type lamp post.
  • We have a dedicated Heritage consultant

If you would like further information or require assistance please contact us here or call 01902 451733. We have a dedicated Heritage consultant who would be able to advise on heritage authenticity. We would happy to talk through your desired application and find the perfect heritage piece for you.

If you are interested please contact us here or call 01902 451733.