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Heritage Fencing

The Victorian era heralded many architectural and landscape features which we value today, including cast iron railings which became a popular means of enclosing public buildings, gracing church boundaries and proclaiming the property of private land owners and the homes of the well-to-do. Sadly, many of these beautifully ornate railings were removed for salvage in the Second World War or allowed to fall into disrepair and some designs will never be seen again.  

Thankfully there are enough of us enthusiasts, who can get excited about restoring old property and features, so that we can all have a glimpse of a bygone and glorious age. Through the skills and patience of craftsmen we can once again enjoy that architectural beauty with a variety of replicated ornate fence styles, which enrich our experience of life. Working with a supplier who has the resources and craftsmanship to reproduce that quality and finish is a vital necessity. Choosing or matching your heritage fencing is easy with Steelway. We can also provide heritage gates to suit. 

At Steelway we have a passion for detail and have stayed true to our heritage. Applying skills passed down through generations of our workforce, we can replicate the designs of yesteryear and match to the original colours for the perfect finish; to deliver the pièce de résistance to your restoration project. 

With projects where “that little something different” is required we offer a bespoke service and from the initial design stage we want to hear your ideas and feedback to our design proposals. Once our drawings meet with your full approval a project management team will ensure your project runs smoothly and to time.

Our heritage work does not stop at fencing. We can also restore and replicate heritage metalwork such as internal and external staircases, balcony railings, lanterns, lamp posts and door plates to name a few. The photos shown on this page demonstrate a few of the different types of heritage fencing we have supplied to various heritage projects.

  • Heritage Boundary Fencing

    Heritage Boundary Fencing

  • Black and Gold Heritage Fencing

    Black and Gold Heritage Fencing

  • Steel Heritage Fencing in Birmingham

    Steel Heritage Fencing in Birmingham

  • Heritage Fencing at Moor Street Railway Station

    Heritage Fencing at Moor Street Railway Station

  • Heritage Railings

    Heritage Railings

  • Steel Heritage Security Fencing

    Steel Heritage Security Fencing

  • Heritage Fencing

    Heritage Fencing