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Welcome to Steelway Brickhouse

Steelway Brickhouse brand of access covers and frames are uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of solutions for the utilities, commercial and industrial market. Combining traditional skills with today’s innovative technology, we now lead the field in product design, range and choice of material in access covers and frames. 

Access Covers and Frames 

Steelway Brickhouse provide unrivalled expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of quality steel access covers and frames. We have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise in quality steel covers and frames. 

We readily undertake the creation of modified or new designs to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Steelway Brickhouse offer the complete package from concept through to commission.

Our Brickhouse Range Includes:

Recessed Access Covers

Steelway supply Internal Recessed access covers and frames...

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Solid Top Access Covers

The Steelway range of Solid Top access covers and frames includes both hinge....

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Specialist Hinged Access Covers

Steelway's range of Specialist Hinged Access Covers are designed for use on a variety of projects...

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Biomass Fuel Storage Products

Steelway provide access solutions for high profile schemes that use heating systems, which are powered by Biomass fuel...

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Bespoke Access Covers

Here at Steelway Brickhouse we can provide bespoke access covers to suit a variety of applications. We’re experts in specialist steel fabrication.

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High Security Access Covers

The protect division has a range of access covers available including hinged access covers and our Sentry High Security access...

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