Industrial Steel Handrails

As a general rule, any unprotected edge of a walkway, platform, staircase or other raised area from which a person may fall must be fitted with handrails or balustrade. Steelway design steel handrails and balustrades to provide safety and give reassurance for users of staircases, walkways and platforms.

Steelway have produced a range of industrial handrails for a variety of applications. We supply handrails, which not only complement our staircases, but also as completely independent items to meet the customers own equipment or civil engineering works etc..

Handrail Design

Our handrail designs comply with the relevant British Standards or Building regulations. Wherever possible, handrails should be continuous and follow the exposed edge of raised platform areas and staircases.

Handrails may be of tubular or solid construction or a combination of both and are available in many options from a basic single or double line tubular handrail, to suit your specification in various materials and finishes. Handrails should terminate in a swept end, either to the wall or to the knee rail, or return to the standards.

All component parts are tailor-made in easy to handle lengths and clearly marked for assembly on site. Drawings are provided for customers’ use where they wish to undertake the site erection themselves. Alternatively, we can provide a speedy and efficient site installation service.

Handrail Standards

Steelway tubular and solid ball type standards are made in varying heights to suit single, double and multi-line handrails. Balls are drilled to suit handrails or can be fitted with eyes for chains. Grub screws are a standard fitment in balls to secure handrails and avoid movement.

Handrails should not be supported from toe plates, unless it can be shown that the toe plates are structural members. The type of handrail base should be chosen with care to ensure it will be suitable for attaching to the structure in question. A larger size of base is more suitable when fixing to materials which have a lower density than steel e.g. concrete, brickwork, block work. The size and spacing of fixing bolts into concrete or other low density materials requires careful consideration. There is an optimum requirement for fixings, and exceeding this may weaken rather than strengthen the attachment. We will be able to advise on handrail standards and what you require in order to adhere to these.


Where loading access is required for a mezzanine floor, or for protection across openings at the head of stairs and ladders. We can supply gates of tubular construction to match the design of adjoining handrails.

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