Thames Water Eel Screens

Thames Water has recently completed its first eel screens installation at Walton-on-Thames, as part of an extensive project to help stocks of the endangered species recover.

The screens prevent eels and elvers being drawn from the Thames into Walton-on-Thames’s reservoirs, and allows the fish to continue their migration along the river.

Our client Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd., produced the original design for the structure. Steelway’s role was to complete the detailed design including structural calculations, full manufacture & supply the eel screen access platforms, handrails and eleven screen support frames.

Initially, the screen supports were to be secured to the river bed, this was later revised with the screen frames supported entirely by the platform structure itself. This revision posed a number of design challenges, all of which were resolved.

All platforms were required to be designed allowing off-site modular assembly, minimising the installation time required on-site.

The project was delivered on time and within budget, the eel screen platforms were assembled off-site and installed successfully by our client Bridges Electrical Engineering Ltd., as shown in the video.