Steelway in The Black Country

Invest Black Country has written a great article on how we at Steelway have been benefitting from all that the Black Country has to offer. Below you can read a summary of the article and find a link the full case study.

The Black Country benefits from being home to world leaders in many industries. These include automotives, aerospace, advanced manufacturing and construction technologies. Being based in The Black Country has enabled us at Steelway to hire over 150 bright and talented people. We are lucky that despite recent economic challenges, we have managed to reach our goals. This is partly due to the successful location in which we operate

We plan to invest in new machinery and add to our product range. This will enable us to continue our own personal growth, and facilitate the growth of the Black Country’s economy. As we head into our 90th year of trading we’re committed to continue to focus on our customers. We're confident that we will be able to continue reaching and exceeding our goals. This can be achieved thanks to our wide product range and major projects across the UK.

To read more about how we have been operating in the Black Country read the full case study from Invest Black Country please click here.

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