Oleo Elevator Buffer Test Tower

To meet demand for ever increasing elevator speeds in the ultra-tall buildings emerging in places such as China and the Middle East.

Oleo International is developing a new high speed buffer range from its manufacturing facility in Coventry, in the UK. The buffers will be positioned at the bottom of elevator shafts to provide a vital safety mechanism for elevators in some of the tallest skyscrapers all over the world.

China is currently leading the world when it comes to new high-rise buildings and is now the
world’s largest market for elevators. However, many countries are seeing an increase in the construction of skyscrapers and at the same time building managers require faster elevators to enable efficient movement of larger numbers of people around these vast buildings. 

Steelway Fensecure have successfully manufactured and installed a bespoke Elevator buffer testing tower for Oleo in Coventry. The dedicated elevator buffer test tower is the largest such facility in the world, measuring 33 metres tall.

The tower was manufactured and installed in modular form. Saving on installation time and space at site.
  • Oleo Elevator Buffer Test Tower
  • Oleo Elevator Buffer Test Tower
  • Oleo Elevator Buffer Test Tower