Bartholomew Lane - Fire escape staircase

Supply & installation of a 10-storey fire escape staircase in Bartholomew Lane.

After carrying out an initial technical site visit, our experienced engineer was able to provide a competitive quotation. Once the contract had been secured, a detailed technical site survey was carried out. Subsequent 3D cad design drawings were then completed to meet the clients’ specifications & approval. With all preliminary work complete, the 40 metre, 10 storey staircase was manufactured and installed to clients’ satisfaction.

Project Overview -

  • Client - Balfour Beatty
  • Location - Bartholomew Lane, Central London
  • New fire escape staircase was required to match the existing specification 
  • Installing a new fire escape staircase and to connect to existing staircase. 
  • Installing a 10 storey fire escape staircase in a limited access area, in-between 2 buildings 
All of these challenges were overcome, and both our client & their customer were very pleased with the final product.   
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