Heritage Fencing

Whilst it could be argued that a fence is just a fence, as with most things it is often more complex than it would first appear. Heritage fencing in particular requires many considerations. At a huge number of locations the appropriate style of appearance is a prerequisite whilst also taking on board the issue of its maintenance.

Steelway have produced a range of heritage fencing products which accurately reproduce the appearance of the original Victorian products but using modern construction techniques and with the benefit of the latest protective finishes. Our fabricated products are additionally supplemented with authentic cast iron posts. Throughout the whole of the former Great Western Railway territory the familiar spear top fencing was a common site. Now after a hundred or so years the original wrought ironwork is often life expired. Steelway now offer a replacement which considers the original construction design and manufacturing limitations.

Heritage Fencing & Fence Posts Benefits

  • Full fencing replication and restoration service
  • Galvanized for optimum protection
  • Powder coated in carefully matched colours to suit the location

Heritage Railway Gates

Steelway can provide a full replication and restoration service to bring your Heritage Railway Gates to life. 

Railway Gates benefits

  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Powder coated to BS EN 13438:2005; using non-toxic powder.
  • Delivered direct to site

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