Railway Refurbishment and Replication

At a location in Buckinghamshire a client owned a listed corrugated pagoda which was not only sadly neglected but additionally seriously distorted through fire damage! All wasted steelwork was either restored or recreated whilst the modern door was replaced completely with a faithful replica of the original long lost door leaf. The whole unit was authentically reclad with 3" pitch iron suitably protected with a galvanized finish and finally polyester powder painted in authentic GWR colours. The contract included the provision of all missing features including barge boards and cast iron gutters and for the relocating on its original site - the project was short listed for a National Heritage award.

At Birmingham’s listed Bordersly Viaduct the need arose to replace a life expired bridge span. Network Rails requirements were to do so using a concrete structure however this was not acceptable to the planning authorities. Steelway consequently created a steel facia beam incorporating all appropriate authentic replica riveted detail to accurately mimic an original structure. The 27m x 5.4m assembly was delivered to site in a hot dipped galvanised form in preparation for a full specification painting process, in authentic colours and for installation by Steelway.

Why people choose Steelway for railway refurbishments and replications:

  • Steelway rail involvement dates back to the early 1930’s
  • Historical details thoroughly researched and applied to aid authenticity.
  • Replica ironmongery using traditional techniques
  • Modern finishes providing product longevity
  • Replica riveted products
  • Authentic colours
  • Recreated cast iron products
  • Innovative solutions
  • National award winning projects
  • PTS trained installation operatives
  • We can offer a compete package – design elements, castings, glazing, timber elements and full installation

  • Pegoda restoration
  • railway replication
  • pagoda restoration