Crowcombe Heathfield Lighting

Steelway Rail was recently approached by a small band of supporters of their local preserved Railway Station. The picturesque station at Crowcombe Heathfield is located on the famous West Somerset line and is often used as a location for filming blockbusters such as “The Land Girls”. Clearly attention to detail is paramount.

Their desire was to acquire a batch of authentic Great Western Railway Lanterns in order to replace the less attractive 1930’s fittings. Our Heritage Project team had previously carried out exhaustive research by closely studying both original examples together with numerous photographs and drawings. The benefit of this was that all of the information was available in house but also the specialist tooling and patterns required to produce these items had already been manufactured thus saving the client the cost of new patterns and design work. The original lamps were either oil lit or gas lit although in later years some were converted to electricity.

We had previously produced both genuine oil lit versions and also the electrical option and in this case the electrical option was also sought.

As the order came in, the opportunity was taken to include in the batch two further lanterns which were required by another station located on the same route as their requirements were similar. Through careful planning and consideration the combining of their joint needs enabled us to optimize both production and delivery costs to the welcome advantage of the Client. The fascinating process of manufacture of these lamps brought together a wide variety of traditional trades which with spectacular attention to detail resulted in the creation of exquisite handmade replicas of the Victorian originals.

Crowcombe Heathfield Station has a proven track record of winning National Heritage Awards and clearly their dynamic team are continuing to pave the way for further awards in the future. It is clearly their desire as a Client, to protect the past and to recreate it in incidences where it is lost, to the finest possible standards. Steelway Rail is delighted that the Client considers that once again we have succeeded in helping them to achieve this.

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