Security Kiosks & Solid Wall Systems

Steel Security Kiosks and enclosures provide optimum security combined with easy and fast installation. Steelway can supply and install a range of LPS1175 SR3 & SR4 certified kiosks, cabinets and buildings which are suitable for multiple applications across all market sectors and all SEMD schemes.

Security Kiosks Benefits

  • Easy to erect panels for speed of installation
  • Available as complete kiosks, top hat designs or fully ventilated over kiosks
  • Hidden roof ventilation to help reduce condensation
  • Shrouded padlock locking
  • Available with internal or external fixings
  • Single or double doors
  • Options for plywood backboards
  • Modular design
  • BRE Certified LSP 1175 upto level SR4
    Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461 with additional powder coating to available RAL and BS colours
  • Easy to remove roof sections utilising locking push bolts

For more information on our Security Kiosks range, please visit our dedicated Steelway Protect website

Our Security Kiosks Range Includes:

Security Ratings

‘LPS’ stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ brought to us by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). The 1175 standard itself focusses on the physical security of ‘intruder resistant building components’. This includes strong-points, security enclosures and free-standing barriers required for building hardening.

- LPS1175 SR3

LPS1175 SR3 is a lower risk than SR4. Products certified to this level of security provide moderate resistance.

- LPS 1175 SR4

LPS1175 SR4 is based on medium commercial risk. Products certified to this level provide resistance to experienced determined attempts at forced entry using a wide range of hand tools (Tool Kit D) and battery power tools, with a disregard for noise created. The Maximum attack time is 10 minutes and maximum attack duration would be 30 minutes.

Our SR4 Kiosks along with our other certified products are listed in the BRE red book live. For more information on LPS security rated products please click here.

Download our PDF version on kiosks & solid wall systems

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  • SR4 Security Kiosks

    SR4 Security Kiosks

  • Security Kiosks

    Security Kiosks

  • Security Kiosks

    Security Kiosks

  • Security Kiosks

    Security Kiosks

  • SR4 kiosk

    SR4 kiosk

  • sr3 sample tap kiosk

    sr3 sample tap kiosk

  • SR4 kiosks

    SR4 kiosks

  • LPCB SR4 Top hat kiosk

    LPCB SR4 Top hat kiosk

  • SR 4 Top hat Kiosk

    SR 4 Top hat Kiosk