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Steelway makes an investment in learning and development for Employees.

A step in the right direction for Steelway after making an investment into employees learning and development, introducing a learning management system for continuous development of the workforce.

The new system by iHasco has been implemented throughout the company to allow employees to take part in online training, providing them with an extensive library of accredited courses, whether it’s compliance or soft skills training – all of which are managed internally.

iHasco focuses on individual training journeys with an importance on quality, expertise, and individual sector knowledge - whilst providing a simple and creative way of learning for our employees, keeping them engaged.

Using iHasco will allow us to train employees in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner whilst having access to over 150 courses.

       Implementing the new LMS system will not only support our years of expertise but also 

upskill employees so that Steelway can remain a market leader within the industry. whilst keeping our workforce 

safe with the excellent range of Health and Safety courses available.    
Susanne Judge, Group HR Manager 

     It was informative, not too time consuming, and covered quite 

a bit on  the different types of fires and what to do for them.     

Caroline Hill, Steelway Finance Manager commented on the recent Fire Marshall course she completed on the new Leaning Management System. 

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