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Steelway launch High Security Mild Steel Access Cover

The new and approved range of mild steel access covers and high security covers from Steelway Brickhouse are made from heavy gauge with a unique locking mechanism operable from above and below. The standard range will cover single and multiple openings and the bespoke range will cover any special opening requirements. All ranges have the option of a variety of lift assistance mechanisms to ensure easy operation. Available to all FACTA loadings A-E, this revolutionary security locking mechanism allows the use of one type of access cover for a multitude of applications resulting in a cost effective solution for maximum security access cover requirements, providing ultimate protection from unauthorised entry or terrorist attack. The added benefit of authorised personnel being able to enter the chamber from above or from an escape egress below when required makes it extremely useful as a maximum security escape hatch. This new mild steel access cover and high security cover enhances the already successful range of security products from Steelway which include Security Fencing, gates and doors. For more information, please contact 0121 521 4500.

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