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It’s Not Just Fencing

Playground fencing: Recent developments in playground facilities and playground fencing for young children has reopened the debate amongst planners and child welfare officers as to the use of fencing as a means of enclosure for amenity and playground environments. The ‘to fence or not to fence’ debate has had further fuel added to it by the Commission for Architecture in the Built Environment who argue that where possible the contours and topography of the local landscape should determine whether play areas need to be fenced or not and that alternative means of boundaries should be considered before fencing is specified. Whilst this ideology is to be applauded the reality of playground facilities and the environments in which they are located unfortunately dictate a more responsible approach. In today’s litigious society, health and safety has to be a fundamental priority for the provision of unsupervised play environments. But say’s Clive Ager Sales Director of Steelway Fensecure “ with the right specification a fenced area can achieve the right balance between safety, appearance and cost whilst still ensuring that a positive impact is achieved in your neighbourhood. “The fundamental requirement in any area where young people are playing is health, safety and above all security. An area that is not sufficiently secure encourages intrusion as well as exclusion. A well managed play area sympathetically fenced using traditional metal fencing in a choice of colours and designs, will add character to any area and is immediately identifiable as a safe and pleasant environment for play by both parent and child alike” “The incidence of dog fouling has decreased thanks to more responsible owners, but the risks are still there not only from domestic animals but also wild ones as well. It is important to ensure that in any outdoor playground area that children are not exposed to this danger. We do not want to see a return to an era where children are put at risk from the horrible disease and parasites that are often present in animal excrement.” Steelway Fensecure manufacture a range of playground and sports fencing to BS1722 part 9 and where required to RoSPA guidelines. All vertical bars are fully welded as standard and are available in 1.0m and 1.2m heights in Bowtop, Flat Top and pedestrian Guardrail designs. With over 50 years experience in the fencing of sports, amenity and playground environments, Steelway believe that with the right specification and guidance they can ensure a positive impact for your site.

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