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How long will my MUGA last?

When a Parish or Town Council or residents group buy a Multi Use Games Area ( MUGA) that single isolated event will have been preceded by months or years of commitment, frustrations and re-affirmations. The financial and personal cost for most involved will often mean that it is something they would do once in their lifetime; so yes they do want to know how long their MUGA will last” says Clive Ager of Steelway Fensecure. “The answer to that question is not easy, though many on the sales side of the table make it seem so, by dismissing the question with hollow superlatives and meaningless “catch-all” warrantees and guarantees, which won’t deliver. What people really want to know is, will this Ball Court last long enough for me to feel that all that time, effort and money spent was worth while and I won’t have to shell out more cash on a regular basis to keep it in safe working order? The answer to that question is easy. Buy a Ball Court Fence and Goal system which has been properly and Independently tested by British Standard Institute to show it is fit for the purpose and it will last. One year after the installation of a Steelway MUGA at Trumpington, Cambridgeshire in 2004 we received a letter from the client saying, “ I write to let you know of the success of the Multi Use Games Area where there has not been a single incident of vandalism and additionally, although it may be coincidence, there has also been a marked reduction in vandalism in the immediate area.” The photograph used here, of that Ball Court, was taken in late 2010, 6 years after the MUGA’s installation, during which time it has not required any replacement spares or suffered any vandalism. As you can see, today, it looks like brand new and is still keeping local “youngsters” of all ages out of mischief.

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