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Elizabeth Way meets Steelway

When Steelway’s surveyor attended a site meeting, early in 2011, following an invitation to view Elizabeth Way, Basildon, he arrived early and didn’t know quite what he was about to take on. He thought he was there to meet with the prospect and measure up for the construction of one of Steelway’s BSI Kitemark registered Multisport Ballcourts . As he could not see where the ball-court would go he climbed to the top of a “small mountain” in the middle of the housing estate to get a better view over the roof tops of the houses and maisonettes, but to no avail, he could not see a space where it could go. As he pondered that he might be in the wrong place, a distant voice called out from below, “Hi Clive”. “Hi there”, he replied, “ where is the intended site for this ball-court?” “You’re stood on it”,came the answer. And so began the process of level surveying the site, soil analysis, plotting the underground services, public consultation, design, more consultation and re-design. As the process continued, it became clear that Steelway were the only bidder who was competent to manage the whole project. Once the green light to go was given, the first task was to move “The Mountain”. After the first 500 tonnes of soil were removed from the site and the ground was remodelled, nly then was Steelway able to start the construction of their award winning ball-court fence and goal system, base-work construction, sports surfacing, line marking and associated path-work. Steelway’s Rebound fence and goal system, first designed and built over 15 years ago was the first of it’s kind and changed the way unsupervised teenage ball play facilities were provided in the U.K. for ever. Since then there have been many copies but none have been subjected to the same high level of testing for safety, durability and environmental impact. Our goals are 3m wide x 2m high with escape routes through the side of the goal recess and an overhead basketball hoop and back-board as standard in a choice of several different designs. Our matching rebound fencing is available from 1.0m up to 6.0m in height and like the goals have been scrutinised by independent BSI inspectors, searching for hazardous protrusions, finger, head and limb traps, the use of toxic materials and to check for structural stability. Independent Acoustic Engineers were consulted as part of the design procedure to ensure minimal noise emissions. For the residents of Elizabeth Way, concerns over the disruption to their daily lives were an issue in view of the close proximity of the local dwellings, so a fast build programme was essential. From the first turf cut to completion took 3 weeks in total! If you want a quick installation, a safe and durable Multisport Ball Court then, do it the Steelway

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