Teenage Shelters

Teenagers enjoy meeting in groups, whether it is congregating near shops, bus shelters, on children’s playgrounds or playing ball games on the road or nearby to houses and cars. Unfortunately it is a sight that often provokes negative thoughts from the local community.  

Young people need to be able to go outside and meet and socialise in a safe environment. Local authorities and planners need to provide the space and facilities to allow teenagers to integrate into their communities. Steelway have worked to develop products that help to facilitate this need. Our Teenage Shelter offers a heavy duty vandal resistant place for young people to meet.  

Steelway Teenage Shelters are ideal for location alongside a multi use games area or a local community area, school, park, public open space and even outside places of work. Our Teenage Shelters are available with a table to create areas for people to do homework, read and eat their lunch and features a roof cover that provides shade from the sun and partial protection from the rain. The heavy duty grid panels provide optimum visibility to deter unsociable behaviour and the seats are durable but comfortable for people of any age group.  

  • Manufactured using mild steel materials, made from recyclable steel and locally sourced.
  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 (except for the roof panels).
  • Powder coated to BS EN 13438:2009 using non toxic powder.
  • Roof panels electroplated.
  • Site surveys available on request.
  • Delivered direct to your site or place of work.
  • Spare parts available.
Available in 5 different sizes;        
  • MH2 – 2 segment Shelter with 2 benches to seat up to 6 people
  • MH3 – 3 segment Shelter with 3 benches to seat up to 9 people
  • MH4 – 4 segment Shelter with 4 benches to seat up to 12 people
  • MH5 – 5 segment Shelter with 5 benches to seat up to 15 people 
  • MH6 – 6 segment Shelter with 6 benches to seat up to 18 people

As part of our service we provide site surveys (on request), free quotations and free advice on choosing the right kind of Teenage Shelter. We also provide a full installation service.

  • Teenage Shelter in Park

    Teenage Shelter in Park

  • Socialising in Teenage Shelter

    Socialising in Teenage Shelter

  • Red and Blue Teenage Shelter

    Red and Blue Teenage Shelter

  • Teenagers in Shelter

    Teenagers in Shelter

  • Teenage Shelters

    Teenage Shelters

  • Teenage Shelters

    Teenage Shelters

  • Meeting House Table for teenage shelter

    Meeting House Table for teenage shelter

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