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Security Fencing

In today’s climate security fencing is important to us all. Intruders of any kind can be disturbing and people’s anxieties weigh differently depending on an individuals experience. Ranging from casual by-passers taking a shortcut through your property, to would-be vandals and thieves who would in some cases inflict personal injury and damage. Sadly, there are some that would stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

Our Security Fencing Range Includes:

Why Choose Steelway

Your concern for security of the person and property, is our concern. With a wide selection of security fencing systems to suit all situations, we will take a stand with you.

With the guidance of one of our experienced surveyors you will be encouraged to consider your expectations of the security fencing. What is the fence expected to do? What level of security is important to you? Is the fence intended to address casual trespass or aggressive intrusion? Is the visual impact of the new fence important? Security fencing can be ugly, but it doesn’t have to be.

We will help you answer these questions and guide you to a security fencing option which will do the job you want of it, at a price you are comfortable with.

Benefits of Steelway’s Security Fencing range:

  • Manufactured using mild steel materials, made from recyclable steel and locally sourced.
  • Galvanized only
  • Optional powder coating to BS EN 13438:2005; using non-toxic powder
  • Security fittings to minimize the risk of theft and replacement
  • Matching single and double gates available.
  • Site surveys available on request
  • Delivered direct to your site or your place of work
  • Spare parts available
  • Steel Palisade Security Fencing

    Steel Palisade Security Fencing

  • Green Longford Metal Security Fencing

    Green Longford Metal Security Fencing

  • Tubular Security Fencing Systems

    Tubular Security Fencing Systems