MUGA Street Furniture

As part of our product range we provide a selection of seating, litter bins and cycle stands to compliment your MUGA area.
Incorporating a sin bin or a bench into your games court allows for full interaction between the spectators and the players with the inclusion of a litter bin helping to keep the area free of unsightly waste.

A full range of furniture can be found on our Street Furniture page.

As part of our service we provide site surveys (available on request), free quotations and free advice on choosing the right kind of MUGA Street Furniture. We also provide a full installation service.

If you are interested please contact us here or call 01902 490919.

  • Perch Seats

    Perch Seats

  • Leaning Tubes

    Leaning Tubes

  • Enclosed Sin Bin

    Enclosed Sin Bin

  • Dug Out

    Dug Out

  • Parkside Litter Bin

    Parkside Litter Bin

  • Open Sided Sin Bin

    Open Sided Sin Bin


The MUGA you installed has surpassed our expectations on durability and functionality and has proven a great success.