Flat Top Fencing and Gates

Steelway Flat Top Fencing, a delightfully simple no frills design, which is suitable for boundaries and borders where a minimalist approach best enhances the location. It is a perfect choice for areas that require a fence which is safe, strong and sustainable and still defines the boundary with the slightest of impact on the eye.  

Available in heights from 450mm high to 1.5m high and in 4 different designs. We provide matching Flat Top gates for each of the 4 designs.

Steelway Fensecure Flat Top fencing is designed to provide a safe, dog proof barrier for play areas originally but now used in many different locations due to its robust and utilitarian design.  

Steelway Play Flat Top fencing is an updated version of our Fensecure Flat Top to include for further anti neck and anti-limb entrapment measures. 

Steelway Wenlock Flat Top fencing with timber posts from ethically sourced, sustainable forests and Fensecure mild steel Flat Top fencing panels.  

Steelway Wessex Flat Top fencing is based on our original Fensecure design but updated to include a tubular handrail to provide an elegant solution for pathways.

Flat Top Fencing Optional Extras

  • Decorative post finials.
  • Raked panels to suit site gradients.
  • Radius panels to suit site curves.
  • Integral steel bark retainer.
  • Laser cut decorative profiles.
  • Base plated posts.
  • Cranked posts (for wall applications).
  • Hand rail.  

Flat Top Fencing Applications

  • Play areas
  • Housing
  • Gardens
  • Footpaths
  • Driveways
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Commercial properties

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As part of our service we provide site surveys (available on request), free quotations and free advice on choosing the right kind of Flat Top Fencing and Gate. We also provide a full installation service.

If you are interested please contact us here or call 01902 490919.

  • Fensecure Flat Top Fencing

    Fensecure Flat Top Fencing

  • Wessex Flat Top Fencing

    Wessex Flat Top Fencing

  • Play Flat Top Fencing

    Play Flat Top Fencing

  • Wenlock Flat Top Fencing

    Wenlock Flat Top Fencing

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