Bristeel Hinged

Steelway Bristeel Hinged range of access covers and frames are designed for use on a variety of applications that require basic hinged covers and are subject to slow moving vehicular traffic. All of the products within the Bristeel Hinged range incorporate closed keyways to ensure the sealing requirements are met and are available single, twin and multiple layouts.

Standard Features

  • Raised tread durbar pattern
  • Lokanlift turnbuckle locks
  • Sealing channel within frame for filling with or suitable sealing compound
  • External frame flats for easy installation into a minimal rebate
  • Minimum 4mm thick cover plate to prevent distortion under load
  • Load tested to FACTA classifications AA - AAA - B
  • Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461

Additional Features

/G Single hinged safety grids 
/M1 Open mesh walk on safety grid 
/T1 Single pump pull through safety grid
/T2 Twin pump pull through safety grid
/RS Rubber seal inserted into standard sealing channel
/PL Recessed locking box for padlock locking
/PI Lift out peep in cover flap 
/RAL Powder coating over galvanizing 
/SRC Slip reducing coating

Size Range

Available in a multitude of sizes from 300 x 300mm clear opening to suit any chamber opening dimensions

Lifting Keys

Fig 9764 Single Lokanlift key

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