Upstand UP

Steelway Upstanding range of access covers and frames are designed for use on a variety of projects containing chambers, that are opened frequently, but are not subject to vehicular traffic. The range incorporates torsion springs for ease of opening by one person. Units are sealed and watershedding and are easy to install on refurbishment sites as no rebates are required. The Upstanding range offers a very cost effective solution.

Standard Features

  • Single skin upstanding frame
  • Torsion spring assisted for single person operation
  • Water shedding
  • Internal fixings for increased security
  • EPDM or Nitrile sealed
  • Load tested to FACTA classification A
  • Shrouded hasp and staple locking for utility padlocks
  • Hidden tamperproof hinges
  • Supplied as standard with single piece hinged safety grids
  • Supplied as standard with cover safety stays to prevent accidental closure
  • Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461

Additional Features

/G Single piece safety grid 
/M1 Open mesh walk on safety grid 
/T1 Single pump pull through safety grid 
/T2 Twin pump pull through safety grid 
/PI Hinged peep in cover flap 
/RAL Powder coating over galvanizing 
/SRC Slip reducing coating 
/FXK Fixing bolts

Size Range

Available in any size from 450 x 450mm clear opening to suit any chamber opening dimensions

Cover configuration include

UPA - Single
UPB - Twin In-Line
UPC - Twin End Hinged
UPD - Triple In-Line
UPD - Single Span In-Line Duct
UPC - Twin End Hinged Duct

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