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Steelway Brickhouse have recently developed an interesting concept of opening up and locking down access covers safely and securely.

Entitled Stamp-Lock this unique locking mechanism has been successfully used on the company's new range of Prolift access covers and allows operators a simple and safe way of opening and closing access covers without the need for lifting keys.

Stamp-Locks simple locking mechanism enables operators to open the housing with a screwdriver. Once the housing catch has been lifted, the utility padlock can be easily accessed enabling the operator to unlock and open the cover. To close the cover, the operator simply disengages the foot operated stay mechanism and lowers the cover to the frame. The locks will then automatically part engage and enable the padlock to be reinserted prior to being fully closed. To fully close and secure, the operator simply stands on each locking mechanism housing catch, which via the internal cam device pulls the cover firmly and securely back into place.

The Stamp-Lock concept has been created to provide operators with a hassle free mechanism that also significantly reduces the chance of injury traditionally associated with many of the current lifting practices involving access covers. When used correctly the foot operated housing catch can greatly reduce the risk of finger and hand injuries by removing the need to hold moving components. Stamp-Lock can also help in avoiding the frustration that often occurs when operators arrive on site, only to find that they do not possess the correct lifting or operating keys. By removing this frustration it also reduces the need for the operator to have to open the cover with incorrect tools or badly fitting lifting keys, which can lead to using excessive forces in the wrong body position.

Produced in 6mm thick plate up to a FACTA class D loading and galvanised to BSEN1461 Stamp-Lock features a safety grid system that sits within the frame depth. The location of the safety grid totally removes any clashes that might occur with fixings, pump guides or brackets within the chamber and allows installation time to be reduced significantly. The frame has also been designed to enable the product to be internally fixed, thus enhancing the security of the product.

There are a range of optional extras that are available, such as, powder coatings to any RAL colour, anti slip finishes minimum PSRV40, EPDM or Nitrile seals, wet well grid systems, soundproofing, demountable posts and barriers, peep holes, venting, blue rope hook system, 100 micron and 140 micron galv, walk on mesh grids, padlockable grids and fully stainless steel.

We also offer site surveys (available on request) where our engineers will tailor a solution to your own requirements.

For further information please  click here to view our Product PDF including Optional Extras, security features, product features, sizings, loadings and how to specify.

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