Biomass GLC

Steelway GLC Hatches are designed for use over underground chambers that store Biomass wood fuel. The units are supplied with gas-ram lifting aids which enable large covers to be opened easily by one person. The GLC Hatches are watershedding to prevent the ingress of water into the chamber and are designed for use on concrete plinths. The units are supplied complete with internal safety grids which allow the underground stores to be filled easily, whilst preventing the operator from falling into the chamber below. The safety grids are spring assisted for ease of opening when required.

Standard Features

  • Upstanding frame
  •  Gas-ram assisted cover sections for single person operation
  •  Spring assisted safety grids for single person operation
  •  Water shedding covers to prevent water ingress
  •  Load tested to FACTA classification A
  •  Shrouded hasp and staple locking for padlock locking
  •  Hidden tamperproof hinges
  •  Supplied as standard with hinged safety grids
  •  Supplied as standard with cover safety stays to prevent accidental closure
  •  Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461

Additional Features

/RAL Powder coating over galvanizing
/SRC Slip reducing coating
/FXK Fixing bolts

Size Range

Available in sizes from 1000 x 1000mm up to 2500 x 2500mm - For larger sizes please contact our sales department

Cover Configurations

GLCA - Single GLCB - Twin End Hinged

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