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Twin Pump Station Refurbishment

Existing Situation

  • T-shaped geometry
  • Trip Hazards
  • Retro fitted security device
  • No fall protection
  • Hazardous to operate

Site Survey / Design Brief

Independent hinged access points with twin hinged safety grids were required to facilitate easy and safe pump removal and inspection. The 3.8m x 1.5m unit required Hiab delivery to allow fast and effortless offloading and installation. Pump specifications and positions were obtained ensuring the opening point of the grids did not foul the pumps when lifted. The covers were to act as a working platform for the pumps, thus design calculations were required to prevent cover distortion


  • A hybrid design with hinged & drop in covers
  • Split grids providing safe pump removal
  • Tanker hose access to allow for chamber cleaning
  • Recessed padlock facility maintaining security to assets and reducing trip hazards
  • 75mm deep frame to fall in line with rebates preventing additional concrete being poured
  • One piece supply reducing installation times and costs.