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Reservoir vent outlet protection

Our client requested that they needed to protect the vent outlets on a clean water reservoir. The outlets were positioned on a concave surface below an overhanging wall approximately 5m above ground level.

The challenge was not only in measuring the sizes of the existing vent boxes but also in calculating the radius of the wall for which they were being fixed onto. The brief also included for us to design, manufacture and install the units, in total there were 64 number.
Also part of the design brief was that the ventilation box required insect mesh fixed to the insides and the colour scheme had to closely match the reservoir wall. 

Our design team set about 3D modelling the concave wall profile and took an overall average of all the profiles measured and concluded that the surface of the wall was consistent enough for us to provide one design for all of the concave walled surfaces.
We also had to take into account the manufacturing route which involves, laser, press and welding plus the ability to handle them on site for the installation team.

The resultant vent box was hot dipped galvanised and powder coated to RAL 1013. The vent box was bedded onto a layer of Sika H2 mastic and mechanically fixed to the wall on the outer flanges.

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