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Reservoir Access Cover System

Our client approached us with an issue regarding 2 number chambers situated in individual rooms which were located on the top of a reservoir. The client indicated to us prior to any visits that the chambers were somewhat awkward and asked us if we were up for the challenge?

Our surveying team went to scope the chambers and reported that the requirement was for a hinged access cover to enabling safe access to a below-ground pump and that the chamber itself was 8 sided and 3.75m across the flat sides. We needed to make the covers in modules and they needed to be fitted through a double doorway. A secondary cover was added to sit to the side of the main cover to enable further access to the pumping system.

The doorway itself was going to be replaced by us and this needed to be a LPS 1175 SR4 rated door set allowing for alarm bracketry.

The design team set about creating a 3D model from the survey details and ended up with a design that would be suitable for all parties. Subsequent site visits and meetings were held and final approval meant that we could manufacture the design as per the 3D model.

Finishing touches to the design was a black anti slip coating along with hazard tape around all the edges. A turn catch system was used to secure the covers and a hinged fall protection grille was situated below the hinged access covers.
  • Reservoir Access Cover
  • Reservoir Access Cover
  • Reservoir Access Cover