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Biomass Fuel Storage Access System

On a project requiring a unique solution for biomass fuel storage, Steelway Brickhouse were chosen to survey, design and install a bespoke modular building. They were chosen due to their ability and expertise as a leading manufacturer of non standard fabricated access cover solutions

The design remit, in this case, was to completely cover a fuel storage hopper of 6000mm x 6000mm with a modular cladded building complete with sliding doors at a 15 degree pitched angle. Once opened, the doors would provide a 3000x3000mm workable opening to allow the fuel to be offloaded directly into the hopper below.

The advantage gained by using this system was that there was no need to cast a bespoke concrete slab as Steelway Brickhouse were able to design around the existing hopper walls. The normal approach that designers would have undertaken, would be to leave an apperture of 3000x3000mm within the larger slab for the fuel entry.

There was no vehicular access to the storage area so the design of the roof only had to accomodate the live loadings created by maintenance staff and snow. The design also needed to totally remove rain water. As the doors would be operated on a frequent basis, the design of the roller mechanism had to be very easy to operate by one person. The building also included locks to provide added security.

Steelway Brickhouse, who are part of Steelway Fensecure Ltd., are comitted to providing bespoke access solutions on any project requirement. They have two dedicated manufacturing facilities which are both extremely flexible in their approach to manufacturing specialist designs. Combining this with over 90 years of fabrication experience, we feel that we have the necessary capability to fulfill most bespoke requirements.
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