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Will modular construction play a bigger role following the COVID-19 Epidemic?

Published on April 27th, 2020

With social distancing measures now firmly in place the majority of construction sites are currently shut. These measures ensure both workers and the public safety. But how do buildings still progress and how does the construction industry keep going in the coming months?

Modular construction could play a part in keeping projects on track for many sites once the lockdown rules start to be lifted. One of the many benefits from modular construction is that it allows a project to continue without the need to be on the site, therefore increasing the amount of operatives that are able to work on the project in a safe environment at any one time.

In many ways modular construction of building elements simplifies the development, putting a significant proportion of the project under a single responsibility. It is much more likely that good social distancing measures can be upheld if engineers producing access stairs or architectural metalwork elements are not also coming into contact with other trades.

Economics are also a key determiner. Modular construction has the potential to achieve major savings in the construction process. We had already identified the benefits of off-site construction in a previous blog highlighting the time and cost savings, both of which have now become more critical than ever before.

Moving beyond the current lockdown situation it may also be possible that design trends may shift away from wide-open spaces towards properties with more individual rooms and sections. This could make modular construction even more appealing in the long term.

Steelway have invested in an off-site assembly build premises to accommodate the growing need for this service. This facility is served by 6 overhead cranes, with a 5 tonne lifting capacity. All 3 bays are now fully operational as demand for the service increases.

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