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Using SR4 rated Kiosks for storage of equipment and vehicles

Published on September 28th, 2020

Steel Security Kiosks and enclosures provide optimum security combined with easy and fast installation. This is why increasingly we are seeing them being used to store high value equipment and vehicles.

In 2019 theft of agricultural vehicles cost the UK £7.4m* and Quad/ATV theft cost the UK a further £2.6m. With the theft of farm machinery growing year-by-year Steelway’s SR4 rated kiosks are an ideal solution. We have recently manufactured a modular bespoke LPS 1175:SR4 Plywood Lined kiosk for the storage of a £17,000 KUBOTA Mini Tractor. This was a tailor-made solution for the protection of the vehicle. We also offer these for the protection of motor cycles and high end bicycles.

What does SR4 rated mean?

Products certified to LPS1175 SR4 provide resistance to experienced determined attempts at forced entry using a wide range of hand tools and battery power tools, with a disregard for noise created. The Maximum attack time is 10 minutes and maximum attack duration would be 30 minutes. Our SR4 Kiosks along with our other certified products are listed in the BRE red book live.

Security Kiosks Benefits

  • Easy to erect panels for speed of installation
  • Available as complete kiosks, top hat designs or fully ventilated over kiosks
  • Hidden roof ventilation to help reduce condensation
  • Shrouded padlock locking
  • Available with internal or external fixings
  • Single or double doors
  • Options for plywood backboards
  • Modular design
  • BRE Certified LSP 1175 upto level SR4
    Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461 with additional powder coating to available RAL and BS colours
  • Easy to remove roof sections utilising locking push bolts

If you are interested in Security kiosks please visit or contact the Steelway Brickhouse team on 0121 521 4500.


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