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The versatility of Steel Railings

Published on November 17th, 2020

Fensecure steel railings cover a wide range of styles to suit various budgets and applications. The beauty of steel railings is that they create a physical boundary without imposing on their surrounds or obscuring the view. These features make them extremely versatile.

As a stand-alone feature steel railings can be used to keep people and animals out of particular areas. This is particularly effective in public spaces such as parks or gardens. Dangerous water hazards can also benefit from steel railings creating a boundary for children whilst allowing wildlife to access their natural surroundings.

Where height is required steel railings can be mounted onto walls, providing a decorative feature, which does not obscure views.

A variety of styles can change the look and feel of the railings. For fencing which needs to be aesthetically pleasing selecting Ornamental fencing or Interlaced Bowtop would best. Where a more imposing boundary is required you can select Hollow bar or Solid Vertical bar which has a range of finials available. Pointed tops are fantastic for public buildings, schools or commercial properties where you want to discourage intruders.

Fensecure metal railings are designed with safety in mind. They are manufactured to approved ISO 9002 Quality Assurance procedures and to meet the requirements of BS 1722 Part 9.

For more information on specific product ranges please visit the steel railings section of the website.

We do also have a range of steel gates available such as those installed at Walpole Park in Ealing.

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