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Steel Railings; A Clear Choice

Published on May 4th, 2021

To the unknown eye, railings may all seem to be the same. However when it comes to choosing the correct railing there are many things to take into consideration, this can include, style and colour, but more importantly the material used.

Iron Railings

When compared to other materials such as wood, wrought iron requires very little maintenance. However, there is a risk of rust meaning that it would need regular treatments to prevent this taking place.

Iron railings do come with disadvantages and in this circumstance they can often outweigh the positives. The cost of iron railings can be considerably higher, therefore if it is a large area in need of railing this can be an expensive project.

Not only expensive, with iron being one of the most durable materials it is often an extremely heavy and difficult product to install and remove, in comparison to a wood railing which is extremely easy to remove as well as dispose of.

Wood railings

Wood is seen as one of the most traditional materials used for railings or picket fencing. Offering both low cost and easy installation it is easy to understand why it was such a popular material choice for so long. Wood, whilst being inexpensive and with endless colour options, does not provide the security an iron fence would. This is why wood is often used to define an area but is not used for security reasons, in order to keep things in or out.

In areas where there is extreme weather, wood is quite possibly the worst option. Not only is it weak when compared to metal railings, but wood also absorbs moisture quickly meaning that they are more likely to corrode at a faster rate and need replacing.

Steel Railings

A type of metal railing that continues to increase in popularity is steel railings. This product is a well known material with the capabilities of standing the test of time and all extreme weathers.

Steel railings hold firmly in the ground due to their weight and strength. Many homeowners as well as business parks opt for steel railings with the objective to maintain strength but to also look visually appealing.

A significant benefit of our steel railings is that we have a wide variety of styles on offer, including; Solid Vertical Bar Fencing and Gates which presents a simplistic yet elegant approach to steel railing and Ornamental fencing and matching gates which is a popular choice when trying to improve the aesthetic of an area whilst also ensuring security.

Our Fensecure range of steel railings covers a wide range of styles to suit various budgets and applications. We have everything from Bowtop to Flat Top and are sure to have something to meet your requirements.

Not only do we offer a wide range of styles, but we also offer a galvanized powder coating for your steel railings, meaning we can offer you a wide range of colours, fitting any brief.

For more information, please visit our steel railings page or get in touch with our team today.

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