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Safe escape with Fire Escape Stairs

Published on October 24th, 2018

Fire safety should be a major consideration when building or renovating a tall building. Engineers and architects can look to make tall buildings safe in two ways. The first being suppression, which stops a fire taking hold and limits the spread. The second is evacuation ensuring occupants can get out quickly and safely. It is this evacuation process which can involve adding external fire escape stairs.

Fire escape stairs can provide a means of escape when there is no other safe way to exit the building. A range of designs are available including spiral staircases for limited space or large staircases with individual access to each floor for high rise buildings. When investing in fire escape stairs, safety is of the up-most importance. Any installation must be compliant with relevant building regulations & legislation to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

If you are looking for a manufacturer your can trust then Steelway’s knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Steelway have delivered steel fabrication excellence and expertise since 1928. They are able to design, manufacture and install fire escape staircases for industrial, commercial and residential environments.

Where required a fire escape staircase can be replaced and or extended to match existing specifications, even when access is limited. Steelway’s team of engineers can visit your site to assess the proposed installation area and accurately prepare a scheme for fire emergency use. 3D designs will be produced for your approval with exact requirements outlined ensuring a safe, stable and durable structure is produced.

The fire escapes staircases can be enclosed or enclosed with pigeon netting if required. Our fire escapes can be finished with a range of balustrade and handrail options. There are also a variety of tread options available for the stairs in order to create the desired finish.

Tread Options:

  • Pan type treads
  • Open Mesh
  • Durbar/ tread plate
  • Finishes:

  • Mild steel galvanised
  • Primer coated to polyester powder coated
  • Powder coated stringers
  • Polished Stainless steel
  • Balustrade Options:

  • Stainless steel tension wires
  • Perforated steel infill panels
  • Vertical bar
  • Toughened glass
  • Detailed site survey available if required and 3D technical drawings and calculations can be provided.

    For more information on fire escape stairs please visit the Steelway website.

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