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Safe access when working at height

Published on July 29th, 2019

A few months ago we produced a blog relating to ‘The importance of site safety’ this touched the surface of the risks associated with site work and some solutions. But what this blog didn’t talk about was the work involved with producing more permanent access structures to create safe working spaces at height.

There are many examples where access is required to very large structures such as cooling towers, pumping stations, tanks, etc. In order to allow workers to reach these areas safely, various installations need to be considered.

Industrial Access Stairs

Safe and comfortable ascent to high levels or platforms, including rest landings is essential for workers. Access stairs are therefore an obvious consideration. Steelway can produce external access stairs in a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel and GRP. It is possible to work with the existing structure to ensure that access is made as easy & safely as possible. Access staircases are also required for internal locations. We can manufacture and install bespoke access solutions that fit the needs of the particular project.

Industrial Access Ladders

Where space does not allow for a full staircase an access ladder may be required. The most important consideration here is safety. Steelway manufacture a range of ladders that can be designed to fit most structures. Both vertical access ladders and Ship type / Companionway ladders are available. All designed, manufactured and installed to the latest British Standards, loadings and are CE compliant.

For safety vertical ladders can be supplied with a range of handholds. Safety cages / hoops are included where required. Ship type or companionway ladders are supplied with handrails on both sides.

Industrial Platforms & Walkways

Once the ascent has been successful then the next consideration will be platforms, landings and walkways. In order for workers to be safe at height they need stable, secure and well designed structures. Steelway are able to design the supporting steelwork structure, including supporting calculations to suit your specific locations, thus providing safe access. We evaluate environmental and operator safety factors in all of our steel platform and walkway designs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Various flooring options are available for walkways & platforms, we have produced a Guide to Industrial flooring which talks you through the best options based on your specifications.

So if you need to produce safe access on your next project then talk to us. From design through to manufacture and installation we work to the most exacting standards to provide quality products. More than anything, we pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to produce the right product at the right price - right on time.

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