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Providing a solution to your architectural problems

Published on August 19th, 2019

The design of a stairway is primarily governed by the intended purpose, the anticipated frequency and the volume of usage.

Anyone who has designed this architectural feature, knows that there are numerous elements that must work together cohesively: materials, handrail, structural design integration, building regs, aesthetic considerations etc. A mountain of decisions and potential problems to overcome in just a single building element. Whether it’s for general access, fire escape stairs, spiral stairs or helical, Steelway has the solution for you.

The potential of stairs?

Staircases can be complex, curved, straight, suspended, open or closed to make an architectural statement. In an age where we’re tracking our physical movements with wearables like fitbits, taking the stairs will help you reach your daily step target. Studies have shown that climbing stairs burns 50% more calories than walking. It is therefore the socially responsible choice for an architect to design a staircase, which is enticing for its users.

In addition to their fitness benefits and various design features, staircases play a vital part in a building’s safety and access requirements. You can view our range of Access Stairs here.

How Steelway can help

From design through to manufacture and installation we work to the most exacting standards to provide quality metalwork products for both traditional and contemporary applications for residential & commercial projects.

The versatility of using steel for staircases means that we can produce the most intricate and detailed bespoke designs maximizing the properties of steel giving you a durable and robust product made to last.

By combining different structural and aesthetic elements, we can design including providing structural calculations, manufacture and install (to all relevant building regulations) anything from basic steel stairs to elaborate bespoke staircases, such as this private house which was featured on Grand Designs & this commercial staircase for Flybynite.

Unique and innovative designs can be created with our laser manufacturing techniques which also ensures minimum material wastage.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you visit our main website or contact our helpful team today.

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