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Protect access points; protect your assets

Published on January 6th, 2021

More often than not, burglars see open windows or insecure doors as a prize opportunity to break into properties and cause damage. According to the ONS Police recorded burglary offences had shown rises in recent years (6% in the year ending March 2018 and 3% in the year ending March 2017). With the cost of burglaries increasing, property owners are becoming more security conscious and want to ensure they have the best deterrents in place.

The national lockdowns, which have happened as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, have created vulnerabilities where they were previously minimal. Buildings, which had previously been regularly occupied, can now be left unattended for substantial amounts of time. Unfortunately this means that the access points of the building need to be secured effectively to ensure the contents are safe.

To prevent burglaries effectively, you should make every effort to secure windows and doors. Our BRE certified security barsets can offer an affordable solution to protecting your property. Bar sets are available to suit face fixed and reveal fixed applications internally and externally.

Although they don’t cover the entirety of a window, having a window barset put in place is a permanent form of security that can prevent unauthorised access. After all, a window that is unmanned is very easily smashed and a barset makes is very difficult to do this.

Intruders often look for an easy way in and a barset offers a great defence against this. Seeing the windows are protected would also promote that you are security conscious and would imply you will have strong security measures inside as well as outside your building.

Another area to consider is the installation of security doors. A steel door set is an investment in peace of mind. Specifying a security door will protect people, property and assets within any building. Steelway’s security doors meet British standards and are trusted by businesses up and down the country. They come in a wide range of styles and designs, with hugely varying options depending application.

We can also provide rated kiosks, which provide optimum security, combined with easy and fast installation. These are ideal for the protection of motorcycles, bicycles and valuable garden equipment etc.

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