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Palisade Fencing; a strong physical barrier

Published on August 13th, 2018

Palisade fencing has long been the front-runner when it comes to securing property or land. Palisade fencing offers a strong visual deterrent to possible trespassers. Its sturdy construction creates a strong physical barrier that is tough to break down even with force. The lack of footholds and sharp edges increase the deterrence factor, as they are hard to climb.

This style of fencing also offers relatively low maintenance due to it’s galvanized finish. If you opt for a powder coated finish then the fences can come in a range of colours to suit the surrounding area.

Palisade topping options

One of the most recognizable elements of steel palisade fencing is the pale top.

Steelway Fensecure offers 4 pale top options; triple pointed, single point, round top or round top with notches. Different properties with suit different pale tops, you can discuss your requirements with the team here at Steelway.

Profile options

There are two different profiles available D and W. Both provide substantial security. The W profile, is an effective visual deterrent with its sharper edges, as well as being more uncomfortable and difficult to scale.

Palisade Fencing applications:

There is an array of applications which palisade security fencing is an ideal solution these include:

  • Industrial estates
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Local Authorities
  • Airports (Airfield perimeter fencing)
  • Oil & gas installations
  • Railway boundaries
  • Commercial premises

Our palisade fencing is available in General Purpose (GP) and Security Purpose (SP) specifications. For more information about palisade fencing or other security, options visit the our website.

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