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Over 10,000 Defender units supplied across the UK and the world

Published on May 22nd, 2020

Now in its 13th year of production, over 10,000 Steelway Brickhouse Defender units have now been supplied. Many of which have been fabricated for companies across the UK and worldwide such as this prestigious contract we blogged about in January.

The Steelway Defender range of access covers and frames are designed for use on a variety of applications that require frequent opening and are subject to slow moving vehicular traffic. Including the patented Stamplock locking mechanism its not hard to see why these access covers have been so popular.

With product features such as rubber odour seal, a moated frame with a non-return valve, torsion sprung cover, hinged safety grid, concealed padlock housing and chequer plate finish all galvanised to BS EN 1461 as standard.

Optional extras include split hinged safety grids, demountable barriers, anti slip coating, walk on mesh grids, pump cable flaps, paint or powder coated surfaces, bespoke sizes and multiple hinged configurations.

Stamp-Lock is a unique locking mechanism which allows operators a simple and safe way of opening and closing access covers without the need for lifting keys. Stamp-Locks simple locking mechanism enables operators to open the housing with a screwdriver. Once the housing catch has been lifted, the utility padlock can be easily accessed enabling the operator to unlock and open the cover

Call our sales line on 0121 521 4525 for more information or take a look at our website here.

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