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Our design and CAD capabilities

Published on June 1st, 2021

Our sales and design teams are equipped with the latest technology available. With 3D CAD design facilities in conjunction with communication and IT systems we are able to give our customers a rapid response to enquiries and orders. Couple this with our CNC press brake machines and CNC multi axis saws we can produce products of the highest quality.

The incorporation of CAD into design and manufacturing provides a productivity boost. Designing with 3D systems allows for easy design verification prior to fabrication. We continue to invest in our design and fabrication facilities with plant, equipment, high speed automatic laser cutting equipment and software across both sites. This provides detailed structural design supported by full calculations if required. The company holds CE marking to execution class 3, Achilles UVDB & RISQS, BSI accreditation and certification to BS EN IS9001, BS EN ISO14001, BS OHSAS45001 and PAS99

The Design Process

  • Following receipt of an order we can provide a detailed site survey and 3D design model.
  • Upon approval of these designs we then manufacture products to high standards.
  • As a client you can decide whether you would like the products for supply only or supply and install.
  • If you have selected supply and install we offer a full installation service for all of our products in the UK by fully equipped and highly trained installation teams.

Examples of CAD Design capabilities

Thames Water

The purpose of this particular project was to enable water to be directly drawn from the Thames Water ring main at Brixton, which was 4.7 kilometres away for the shaft. By using the project 3D model of the shaft and services, we used our own 3D Inventor design suite to interface accurately our access metalwork to all the other facilities. We designed a multi flight staircase with intermediate main platforms and associated structural support steelwork.

Reservoir vent outlet protection

Our client requested that they needed to protect the vent outlets on a clean water reservoir. The outlets were positioned on a concave surface. The challenge in calculating the radius of the wall for which they were being fixed onto. 

Our design team set about 3D modelling the concave wall profile and took an overall average of all the profiles measured and concluded that the surface of the wall was consistent enough for us to provide one design for all of the concave walled surfaces.

If you have a project which needs expect design and manufacture then contact us today on 01902 451733.

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